Out of a joint interest in entangled perceptual worlds, neuroscience researcher Craig Nordham and I collaborated to develop a mirrored drawing experiment geared toward exploring the boundary between self and other.

For Science Gallery's exhibition INTIMACY, we created an interactive artwork that explores interconnection: the ability of our minds to connect at the neural level as well as through gesture and behavior. The artwork challenges participants to draw ambidextrously and simultaneously while facing one another and following various prompts. The drawing exercise reveals coupled gestures: individual tendencies permeated across partners to create emergent patterns of reciprocal influence. 

This hybrid installation and performance was displayed from October 2018-February 2019. Craig and I led a lecture, workshop, and discussion in February of 2019. This project was funded by Science Gallery of Trinity College in Dublin.

Other projects in this exhibition include REST ENERGY by Ulay & Marina Abramović, PILLOW TALK by Joanna Montgomery, and 36 QUESTIONS TO FALL IN LOVE by Arthur Aron.